This  journal welcomes papers with general semiotic methodology, as well as ones with special themes, including structuralism, discourse and cultural studies and social media, in particular video.  As well as peer-reviewed papers, comments, reviews, abstracts and work in progress, less formal contributions will be welcome from all international scholars and writers. Where possible, faster publication schedules for individual papers will be encouraged. The journal plans to  mix the need for archival services as well as scheduled special issues. This journal has online and print versions.

Rationale for a Semiotic Journal

This journal responds to a perceived need and opportunity to develop a more comprehensive approach to the study of semiotics in Australia—and perhaps in other countries more distant from mainstream traditions and practices in Europe and North America.  This appears to be the first journal of its kind as a general inter-disciplinary publication in the Southern hemisphere. This initiative will address general and special topics, and on occasion, themes specific to the cultures, locations and geo politics of regions of its publication, as well as contemporary society.

Editor Geoffrey Sykes

Associate Editor Paul Ryder

Editorial Associates Myrdene Anderson, Purdue University, USA Paul Boussiac, University of Toronto, Canada Marina Grishakova, University of Tartu, Estonia Janys Hayes, University of Wollongong, Australia David Jean-Michel, Steiner Education, Victoria, Australia Massimo Leone, University of Torino, Italy Asun LópezVarela,  Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain David Marshall, Deakin University, Australia Demelza Martin, University of New South Wales,  Australia Susan Petrilli, University of Bari, Italy


Charles Peirce semiotician



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Feature Article

Feature Article

The Dancing Cop - Semiotics and Innovation by Massimo Leone

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    “What is Semiotics?”

Interview with Paul Bouissac Part One