Submissions are welcome for forthcoming online general issues. Papers or abstracts will be accepted at any time.


They are meant to broaden not prescribe inquiry or submission on their general topic. Papers with either an empirical or a purely theoretical approach are encouraged. Papers must include an abstract of between 100 and 150 words, five keywords, and the length of the manuscript must range between 2000 and 8000 words inclusive of footnotes, but not of works cited. Conformity to APA style is required. Preliminary submission of abstract or proposals is welcomed but not essential. Unless otherwise indicated submission at present is on an EOI basis and open dated.


Papers invited for forthcoming special edition, “Eco Semiotics”.


Subtopics could include: dwelling in place; climate change, science and discourse as semiotic fields; the vision of earth as a whole; religious and philosophical perspectives; organic iconicity; signs and nature; territorialisation and colonialisation; mapping; the earth from space and in space; gaia and motivated signs of nature; history of ideas of planetary consciousness.


There is also a continuing callout for papers on theme of “Creative Arts”.


Subtopics could include: aesthetics; performatively and dialogue; multi media and multi form genre; art and meaning; art and discourse; ambiguity and interpretation; ritual and mythology; the semiosis of creative production.


Papers will be published online and in print.

Send submissions and inquiries to the Editor,