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Cultural Heritage: Traps and Dramatic Choices by Solomon Marcus

I find very stimulating the challenge related to the Semiotics of Cultural Heritage. The accent on selection involves a critical attitude towards the increasing amount of works of all kinds, which have to face our reaction as a choice among acceptance and rejection.


Steps towards a Systemic Semiotics by Mirko Lampis

The goal of this paper is to describe a new perspective for semiotic studies. Thanks to the theoretical and interpretative guidelines of that general cognitive paradigm called today systemic (or relational, or complex) thinking, and thanks also to the existence of semiotic theories with a systemic approach, as Lotman’s semiotics of culture, we can try to rework and reorganize the main explanatory notions of contemporary semiotics, and specially the notions of knowledge, meaning, communication, text and culture.


The Chimerical Tale of the Feminine by Julia Ponzio

I will start from the question posed by Tina Chanter in a paper published in 1997: “Has Derrida’s work on the question of sexual difference ever been read?” (Chanter, 1997: 87). The question of sexual difference, in Derrida, is in effect, as I’ll try to show, a question of readability.