Issue 5 (1) 2015 


This  journal welcomes papers with general semiotic methodology and subject matter, as well as ones with special themes. Current themes include media and video, religion, memory and performance and visual arts.  As well as peer-reviewed papers, less formal works, commentaries and work in progress are welcome from international scholars and writers. This journal has online and print versions – special themes will be subject of separate print editions.





Editor Geoffrey Sykes

Associate Editor  Paul Ryder, University of New South Wales

Editorial Associates

Myrdene Anderson, Purdue University, USA  Nicoleta Blanariu, University “Vasile Alecsandri”, Romania  Paul Boussiac, University of Toronto Verónica Devalle, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina Marina Grishakova, University of Tartu, Estonia  Janys Hayes, University of Wollongong, Australia  Shaeda Isani, University of Grenoble, France David Jean-Michel, Steiner Education, Victoria,  Australia  Massimo Leone, University of Torino, Italy Asun LópezVarela,  Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain David Marshall, Deakin University, Australia  Demelza Martin, University of New South Wales,  Australia  Geoffrey Owens, Wright University, Dayton USA Susan Petrilli, University of Bari, Italy